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Beautiful things. by Ocean-of-emotion Beautiful things. :iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 1 1
Our love
A speck of light in darkness,
Brings back to life our shadows.
And as I Lay beside you
wrapped in sheets of white,
We stare silently at the drunken silhouttes ...
dancing to a love unheard of on the bedroom walls.
And in the morning
when countless stars combine to perfectly structure the sun,
You will roll out of bed,
leave my embrace
and I fear...
You will never return to hear our tune.
:iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 0 0
He was bound by fate to obviate all that was left of my sanity.
His silence drove me mad.
And It was the specks of hope that I tightly held onto that made me feel human again.
:iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 4 0
Do not hold onto the words I shattered the core of your soul with,
For you have the pieces to beautifully put yourself together again.
But I... I have rebuilt my soul into nothing but ugliness and I wish someone could break me so I could reconstruct myself into wonderfulness.
:iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 1 0
With time...
I convinced myself that i live on the basis of love,
My mind was tainted with thoughts of it.
I believed that id been molded to fit the true definition of beauty
When the real truth is that I've become nothing but a fake!
Why must i contain my brokenness?
Why does my heart latch onto you the more you distance yourself?
one question i ask myself everyday now is:
why did i fall for my friend?
i lost two people at once...
my lover and my best friend.
and now they're gone!
They've moved on and im still stuck in the past trying to figure out how to heal myself.
:iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 7 7
New beginning
Allow for me to shed countless tears,
For my tears carry sorrow,
and sorrow no longer wants to be apart of me.
it is time for its departure.
it is time for my soul to empty itself from brokenness,
Then with time...
let us fall in love.
:iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 3 5
One more time...
We let go...
But we found each other again.
Like shadows hidden in the dark searching for the light to be revived on our walls one. More. Time.
We were broken
So that we could create something BIGGER and BETTER out of our love...
not to mend our brokenness.
:iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 6 0
trying to find me by Ocean-of-emotion trying to find me :iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 0 0
good bye
She sits in the corner...silenced
Distant from words being spoken...
Tucked away in her own little space..
Afraid that I will find a way to fill the void between us.
She clasps her hands tightly,
Her palms are sweaty...
She is afraid.
She is afraid of what people will say
Shes too afraid to trust me.
She wont look me in the eye.
I turn my back  but my feet stand firm,
a force greater than gravity pulls me down,
Begging me to stay,
It is her...
Her voice calls my name.
Over and over again...
I reach out for her,
offering her my hand but she dissolves into particles...invisible particles that float up into the night sky,
Where wounded stars dont shine.
She is me...
A bittersweet memory of who I used to be.
I saw some sweetness laying beneath her savoury complexion.
a sweetness people refused to see but they wouldnt know...
I am the one who fought a battle with her... she fought with me a battle, a battle against my insecurities.
I was left with a scar that would take an eternity to
:iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 5 4
colourful beauty by Ocean-of-emotion colourful beauty :iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 4 5 Dream catcher by Ocean-of-emotion Dream catcher :iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 3 2 Vague memory by Ocean-of-emotion Vague memory :iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 3 0
you're beautiful
you're beautiful.
You're a book full of words…
Invisible words.
you're a mystery.
I try to read between the lines,
Take a peek beneath your smile…
But I cannot see.
I’m too scared to blink
Afraid of missing something.
I want to sneak into your mind
Just listen to you think.
What goes on in there?
You walk with your head bowed…
Why won’t you let me look into your eyes?
I need you to Look up for a moment.
I need one glance,
Just hold still, give me a chance.
You’re different from all the other boys
I need to know what’s in your heart
May I come in?
I won’t knock too hard
I promise I will not leave you broken
I will not leave you scarred,
I just want to see the treasure that’s hidden in your heart.
Don't let me walk away
I'm curious
Why are you so mysterious?
I really don't mean to be rude
Nor do I mean to intrude
But why are you sad?
I...I just want to touch you
Absorb all the sorrow from you
I want to Absorb all you
:iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 15 12
A thousand Words
Paint me on a canvas,
With colours dark and dead,
Paint me holding onto hope,
On a single piece of thread.
Frame me and hang me high up on a wall,
Somewhere really high somewhere I won't fall .
Somewhere where the eyes of curious strangers can
Read the story of a portrait worth a thousand words.
The story of a sixteen year old teenage girl
Who hides her doubts and worries with a smile that shines so bright,
Her pillow catches and absorbs the tear drops that fall from her soft cheeks.
With each tear, a loud and painful sob,
She claws her blanket and yearns to stop,
But she can’t…
She sits alone with her face buried in her palms,
Four great walls surround her,
Walls that listen to her cries at night.
Solid walls that contain her deepest secrets
But you don’t know that…
You’re fooled by that beautiful smile of hers.
:iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 1 0
love in my heart, love in my hands by Ocean-of-emotion love in my heart, love in my hands :iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 4 3 open your eyes beautiful girl by Ocean-of-emotion open your eyes beautiful girl :iconocean-of-emotion:Ocean-of-emotion 15 9


Writing Tournament 2014 ~ Round I
Come one and come all, raise your pen take part in this grand literary battle! There are subscriptions, points, art, features, and more to be won! You all have until February 12th to enter.
The time is nigh for the Fourth Annual Writers--club Literature Tournament!
This is a tournament for all writers welcoming prose and poetry! :la: It will be a grand competition spanning three rounds of literary challenge! :typerhappy: First of all, you must be willing to write for each of the rounds over the coming months.
There will be judging at the end of each round and those who progress to the next round will have to write a new piece for the next round's theme. A new participants list with the surviving writers will be released upon the announcement of the new round.
To sign up, join the group as a member and add this blog entry to your favorites. From there, feel free to submit your entry to the Tournament Round 1 Folder.
:spotlight-left: :bulletred::bulletre
:iconwriters--club:Writers--club 282 339
syria by syriafree syria :iconsyriafree:syriafree 7 0 Just Smile- Fairy Tail by Randazzle100 Just Smile- Fairy Tail :iconrandazzle100:Randazzle100 237 34 Syrian Revolution Flag by Free1Designer Syrian Revolution Flag :iconfree1designer:Free1Designer 6 13 The story of Revolution by Delawer-Omar The story of Revolution :icondelawer-omar:Delawer-Omar 19 2 Syrian Revolution - Save Syrian Children by fahd4007 Syrian Revolution - Save Syrian Children :iconfahd4007:fahd4007 9 3 Syrian Revolution by bakerGFXislamicDSner Syrian Revolution :iconbakergfxislamicdsner:bakerGFXislamicDSner 7 4 Syrian Revolution by MGQsy Syrian Revolution :iconmgqsy:MGQsy 9 10 Second Face by PhotoYoung Second Face :iconphotoyoung:PhotoYoung 4,235 259
I am awake, I am alive,
I am here, I am alright.
I will help you, I will love you,
I will save you, I will hug you.
I can call you, I can kiss you,
I can see you, I can miss you.
I won't leave you, I won't hate you,
I won't insult you, I won't break you.
I can talk to you, I can feel you,
I can hear you, I can heal you.
I will be there for you, I will listen to you,
I will cherish you, I will go missing for you.
I am awake, I am alive,
I am here, I am going to make you be alright.
:iconfoxkid2012:Foxkid2012 0 3
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